Into the Series of Fantasy portraits

Why the stories with the paintings?

I grew up playing a lot of fantasy games and loving shows or movies with creative and out of the box stories. Once I became an artist, I always wanted to give people an extra connection to the work that would give them the feeling that they were the character they were seeing and reading about. It is human nature to crave connection and I just want to give the viewer that unique feeling with these pieces - something they can truly relate to.

The fantasy portrait series works the same as my other pieces do - no prints will ever be made but I also take it a step further. Once one of the paintings sells within my fantasy portrait series then said customer is the only person to own that character at the point in her life. The next painting done of the character is done at a different point in her life, more evolved and experienced about who they've become.


Within the Sea

Captain Karina #1, 24x48in" Oil on Canvas

Dear Henry,

It was hard for me to write this after everything that happened. I miss you so much. The last thing I remember is a cage, then sinking to the bottom of the sea. Once I woke I was something else, I am something else. I want nothing more than to return to you, have you hold me in your arms, but I must understand what I am and why I am. I belong to the sea now. I’ll always love you… The Last letter presumed to be written by the late Captain Karina 

Part of the Sea

Captain Karina, #2 24x36in" Oil on Canvas.

 At first she thought the woman betraying her and shoving her in that cage was a curse. She is changing more everyday but with each change comes further enlightenment. Karina now believes she was chosen due to her deep devotion to the sea and protection of its inhabitants, above and below. She is tormented by not being able to return to her dear Henry everyday but has to surrender to her purpose and reason for it all. As Karina evolves her tentacles can now heat up. With each passing day, Karina discovers more about herself and becomes more one with the sea. That precious cargo she was trying to protect that day was always meant for her. 

Karina of the Deep


Captain Karina #3, 24x48in" Oil on Canvas

Karina of the Deep

It has been 6 months since I have turned. The sea is treacherous and unforgiving but I knew that even as a Captain. I miss my dear Henry more everyday Im away from him. I do hope this letter finds him and he knows im still out there trying to get back to him. I am in constant search for the source of the light I saw when I was in that cage to find out more about myself, and what or who turned me. To gather more insight I scoured the depths for the cage I got trapped in that day, it took me 2 months but I did find it. It was in pieces with blue and purple slime surrounding it. As soon as I touched a piece of the cage I was attacked by a monster I have not seen down here yet. It was a fierce battle but I have grown more powerful in my time down here, in the end it was no match for me. The cage is where it started so I decided to use my abilities I have been gifted and heat the metal to craft a weapon fit for a fierce creature such as myself. A bident seemed fitting, one prong represents who I was and one represents who I am now, I have named it Henry, in honor of my dear husband. With this I will continue to protect the seas while in search of my creator to get the answers I desire and to find out if I can ever return to land. 

I ask myself everyday “What am I supposed to do?” “What will happen if I ever do get to return to land, will Henry be waiting for me or has he moved on?” The conclusions I come to give me solace in the fact that even as I grow more powerful and more whatever I am, part of me is still human, I still worry, I am still afraid but not of the same things and above all else I am still me. The one thing I refuse to do is give up, whatever the reason is for all of this I will find it, until then I will continue to protect the seas above and below.

Signed - Captain Karina 

This letter was found washed ashore in a bottle written on seaweed with bioluminescent ink.

Solari, Born of the Sun


Solari, Born of the Sun - 24x36in" Oil on Canvas - Available


Solari, Born of the Sun

The day Solari was born it was like a new light entered his life he never knew before, from that day on he called her his sunflower. Solari’s father always filled her heart with wonder and amazement and showed her what the world has shown him during his travels. There had always been one place he never got to travel to in order to bear witness to an amazing site, the Northern Lights. Every night solari as a kid would ask her father to tell her his plan to take her to Alaska to see the beautiful lights in person. For years they planned their trip and it was decided that on her 18th birthday they would travel to Alaska to finally see the Northern Lights together. 

June 21st, Solari’s 18th birthday had arrived, bags were packed, tickets were ready and her dad was on his way home from work with the perfect present for her. He found the most beautiful sunflower in full bloom to give to her but destiny had something else in store. Solari was waiting on the porch but instead of her dad pulling up the police did instead and they walked up to Solari and her mom with the sunflower in hand with the birthday card that said “To the light of my life” and delivered the unfortunate news. Solari couldn't bear the thought of a world without her father and the only thing left to remember him was the present he bought her to kick off their trip they had been planning forever. 

Solari, clutching the sunflower, cried for days on end and wouldn't leave her room and then she decided that she would continue on with the trip in honor of her father, she would bring the sunflower with her. Solari grabbed all her gear, headed to the airport and straight to Alaska. Everything was planned out perfectly even the exact spot on the map to stand to have the best view of the Northern lights so that's where she found herself the following day. It was breathtaking and more wonderful than she ever could have imagined. She stared up at the sky with tears running half way down her face before turning to ice. 

Off the coast of Alaska while Solari was in full view of the Northern Lights an earthquake occured. Solari did not feel it with how far inland she was but it did make the ice crack beneath her feet and before she realized it she fell through the ice and into the freezing waters. Upon impact the Northern Lights flared up and a burst of light pulsed through the night sky, the sunflower  fell out of her pack at the same time and she grabbed it while she sank, the last thing she was clutching was the flower before she froze to death. 

Startled awake Solari finds herself floating on an iceberg staring at the night sky; her skin, a piercing shade of blue and her eyes were ablaze with the colors of the sun. She is surrounded by ice as far as she can see and yet, she feels an intense warmth radiating from within her. She takes in her surroundings, feeling her hair flow in the brisk air she senses something is different. She turns to see magnificent and vibrant sunflowers sprouting from the ends of her hair. Her hand now bears the mark of the sunflower she held so close in her last moments. Solari has become the light in the darkness, the warmth in the cold.

Within the Sea

“Eden” 24”x48” Oil on Canvas


“Eden” 24”x48” Oil on Canvas 

High up in the mountains resides a small village of women that take care of the rarest and most remote rose garden in the world. There are only seven known photographs of this garden and the women who watch over it. These photos, initially thought to be fake due to their fantastical nature, are breathtaking. Only females are chosen to live in the village; and only at a young age.  

One year, two women visited an orphanage in a big city, searching for potential candidates for adoption. Rosalina, a ten year old who was orphaned shortly after birth and had yet to find a home, was just what the two women were looking for. At the time, Rosalina was just happy to have found a home. She had no idea what lay ahead.

Rosalina, having traveled a great distance, awoke in what can only be described as Utopia. Its vastness only bested by its beauty, the wide-eyed orphan could hardly contain her emotions. Unfortunately for Rosalina, once someone is shown the garden, they are immediately met with a choice. She would be given the option of staying and becoming one of the village caretakers or returning home. She was free to make her choice, but if she chose to leave she would be given an elixir made from a rose that would cause to forget everything she has seen. Without hesitation, she chose to stay.

The garden has so many unique types of roses with different properties and powers, each caretaker must be responsible for knowing and understanding all of them. Because the garden’s root system is intertwined, acting as one great defense mechanism, it is imperative that no one is ever pricked by a thorn on a roses stem. If blood is drawn, unavoidable death occurs after just 24 hours. There have only been 3 deaths in the history of the garden. To honor the lost caretakers they were buried among the roses.

Rosalina grew to be one of the most respected and regarded caretakers of the garden, they say it was like the roses responded to her in a way they've never seen before. She caresses them gently, whispering to them and they seem to respond to her, gravitating toward her when she is near; a spiritual bond of sorts. Under her care, a new rose blossomed that had the most extravagant and alluring features; a true masterpiece.This hadn’t occurred in well over a century and, since it happened on her watch, she was charged with learning its properties and understanding its powers.

Rosalina was eager to catalog the newest member of her garden, and so she grabbed her book and pen and carefully approached the rose. Mesmerized by its beauty, she became entranced, slowly writing out a single word before suddenly losing her balance and dropping her pen. Her gaze completely fixed on the rose, she reaches her hand down and grabs her pen. As she brings the pen to the paper to continue writing, a single drop of blood falls next to the only word she was able to write, “Aware”.

Rosalina had cut herself on a thorn, passing out immediately. In this case, she passed away within just 3 hours. As custom dictates, she was buried within the garden next to the new rose that bloomed under her care. Three days later in the dead of night, a full moon hanging brightly over the garden, Rosalina arose from her grave, vibrant streams of flowing hair sprouting  several colorful roses. She was alive and so much more. Bewildered, but calm, she turned to her roses and heard them speak. The garden was silent, but she heard them so clearly in her mind as they turned to her and collectively whispered, “Welcome home.” 

A Fire in her Eye

Serena #1 24x36in” Oil on Canvas

 Diary Entry
Since it happened it has been a lonely time to tell you the truth. I couldn’t get close to anyone without hurting them, its not like I was trying to or wanted to, I just couldn’t turn it off. But today was different, today I found out that I am like this for a reason. I touched someone today that didn’t get burned. I do not know how many others are out there. What I do know is I found one, I told him my name is Serena and I am the girl on fire 


Presence #1 24x36in” Oil on Canvas

 Depending on which way her hair is spinning allows Presence to travel backward or forward through time. Every place has a different feeling but after jumping around so many times, she has concluded that she may only exist to find the exact point and time she is meant for. With time being endless as far as she knows, it may take forever, but she won’t stop looking.

Lily of the Garden

Lilly #1, 24x48in: Oil on Canvas Framed

 Oh how proud Lilly was about her new house and her own personal garden out back that she always dreamed of. She loved the life and was especially proud of her tiger lillies. One night she heard someone breaking into her house so she called 911 and ran out the back. While she was running through her garden the intruder hit her in the back of the head and she fell forward onto her tiger lillies which in turn took control of her body enchanting her with abilities to exact revenge. 

Honey, Queen Bee

Honey #1, 24x36in" Oil on Canvas

 Paragraph from the Autobiography of Becoming the Queen Bee:

Being their queen has been the most rewarding experience of my life, I was scared at first, so many voices in my head that I didnt know the source of then I found out it was the bees. I now give them a voice they never had before, one they deserve, that needs to be heard. They have chosen me and I must not let them down, the world knows they need us and if they wont protect them correctly, now I can and will.

Lana Del Rey, queen of the Sirens

Lana #1, 24x48in: Oil on Canvas Framed

  As she performed aboard a cruise ship her serene voice echoed and traveled outside the ship into the deep ocean. Her voice was so beautiful that the mythical sea sirens heard it and rather than trying to lure her they couldnt help but be lured by it. This has never happened before to the sirens so once they set upon the ship they grabbed Lana and took her under the sea and turned her into their queen.